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Thomas Queyja - Owner & Founder


The LIP Studio is located in downtown Los Angeles, CA.

It is a creative workspace for myself & the company I keep.

My musical, artistic siblings & I can be found here, safely expressing in bliss.

I am from Oxofrd, MS, where The LIP Studio was originally created and where it, and I flourished for over 20 years.  The LIP has contributed to a variety of performers and music.  An immeasurable amount of talent has shared this space, from humble beginnings to gold records.  

This studio is an extension of my passion/calling in this realm, and it thrives when we, as creative entities thrive.  

It is my honest desire to share this space with the singular life force that is within all of the worlds' visionaries.

The LIP Studio is a living, breathing experienece,  that is influenced by it's occupants, and  in turn, influences the innovative artists  that change our world for the better.



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